Chapter 29a

Well, not a lot going on at the Tie Dye T-Shirt Project site. What I had written for this blog, was mysteriously vanished by some unknown computer glitch so I lost my entire last blog. My apologies to anyone who we met and I didn’t get you mentioned in the blog.

The guys on the trail
The guys on the trail

In my haste to get the last blog out I forgot to mention the names of the three great guys we met last time out. They are:Ralph, William and Tim.      Hi guys, thanks again for participating in the project.

The main tpic of conversation the past week was  “the storm”.  Mother nature had had enough and let go with a big blow.  The city was in a state of chaos with trees down and power lines out everywhere. Something  around 700000 people lost power. Ours was out just over two days. We had to throw out all our fridge and freezer food. But the real story was the damage to the forest!. There were literally  hundreds of trees down. On our favourite walk along the Coquitlam River, it was like trying to get through the jungles of Vietnam. It was truly depressing and saddening to see all the carnage suffered by this beautiful land. One can only imagine what the bigger storms do to the landscape. I’m sure this was minor in the history of natural disasters. I shudder to think . But the GVRD have crews out by the hundreds and are doing yeoman work on returning things to some sense of order.. It is going to take a long time.

The Tie Dye T-Shirt Project came through the storm unscathed but hardly anyone has been around due to the difficulty of getting to the site. More unfortunate is that the last two shirts have been taken and no note of any kind was left. Hey if you want to make this much effort on picking up a shirt why not leave s little note. It will make it that much more fun for everyone in the project. Short, long whatever. Just give us something……

Not much time left on the clock for this year’s Tie Dye T-Shirt Project. Looks like we’ll fall just short of our goal of 100 shirts. We did have one more recent visitor to the site and his comment was:             “What a great idea! Thank you sooooo much!”          Signed Paul?

Youre welcome Paul. (Do we have the name right?)  Glad to see you had a chance to pickup a shirt before we shut down for the year.

Cathy and Tie Dye Guy are going on a holiday to Harrison next week so t-shirts will not be available until the following week. Meanwhile have fun on th trails.”………………..TDG

Cathy's new petCathy’s new pet exploring the neighbourhood.

Chapter 28a. Let it rain

The deluge has begun! The rain is coming down in thirst quenching buckets. You can hear the trees and bushes shouting out, “we’re back baby we’re  back” You can smell the richness of the forest in the air. Persistent news reports of flooding on the way remind us that we’d better not piss Mother Nature off, at least not for too long or the crap is gonna start hitting the fan and it’s going to be ugly. We started to get things up to date yesterday but I never finished  up  with the goings on at The Tie Dye T-shirt Project so here is what else has been happening lately.

Linda and her dog Lucy dropped by. They are veteran trail walkers whom we have met before. Linda said: “Good morning Jay and Cathy. I have been smiling ever since I saw the t-shirt this morning. I will be  sure  to pass on the smiles especially when I wear this one. Thank you so very much.”                                                                                         .You are most welcome Linda. Happy to see you found a shirt…Keep on passing those smiles around. That’s what it’s all about.         TDG

Then we had a comment from an uknown customer who said: “My wife liked  today’s shirt, the colours, the patterns, but it just won’t  fit. So we leave it for some lucky person to enjoy it’s blessing.. Thank you for   your  good will” Thank you for your kind words If you leave your name in the book, I’ll make up a shirt for you and leave it at the site  and you can pickup Leave  a note.,,,,………. All the best”……………           TDG

And finally, one of the nicest times we have had at The Tie Dye            T-shirt Project. Cathy and I were on one of our usual walks and we spotted some guys at the t-shirt site and they looked like they were  having a good time. So we introduced ourselves (although they  already guessed I was Tie Dye Guy.) and we hung out for about a half an hour. Fun fellows? You bet. Cathy and I had such a good time chatting with these three that we felt like we had been friends for a long time not just thirty minutes. Unfortunately, they had somewhere  they had to be so they left, all dressed up in their tie dye tees. I took pictures so here they are :

The Boys on the Trail
The Boys on the Trail

What a find looking trio. Thanks for brightening our day and being fine examples of The Tie Dye T-shirt Project. Bless you guys.



Chapter 27a TZ


Help  I’m slipping into the twilight zone (sung to the tune of Twilight Zone by Golden Earing)”. It’s completely crazy here with no sign of rain  any time  soon. The  wildlife has taken  to the shadows  with no signs of the bears. The Owls are in hiding (although we had one good sighting last week.) The herons are making the odd appearance. (There are a couple big ones out there). All in all not much in the way of wildlife out there. We are still having folks drop by the Tie Dye T-shirt Project  so let’s check in on them.

We start with Kelly who writes:  “Very kewl.  I live in the interior. I’ll try and pay it forward as often as I can. Thank you. “Signed Kelly………….Way to go Kelly. You have shown us exactly how it’s done. Thanks for actively participating. All the best…….TDG

Next we had this:

A nice note
A nice note

Yes a nice little note from Aclasia? We’re not sure of the name but we sure like the note she left. Thanks so much in contributing to the. Tie Dye  T-shirt project!”……………TDG

Then  we heard from our good trail buddy Mike. Mike hits the nail on the head with his note. “So sad that people take a shirt, that they can’t say thanks and leave a note”. Right on Mike. No note, no fun. Come on everybody. Let’s fancy those notes up. Remember, best note at the end of summer wins two Tie dye tees. You want to talk to Mike if  you see him on the trail as he knows a lot about the area. Very interesting.

Mike and Yvonne  walking the trails
Mike and Yvonne walking the trailsj

Then we had a very nice note from  “Donna”  who said “my husband and I come here every Saturday, Sunday and holiday. We sit on a yoga mat just in front of the beaver pond. We love this park as we can walk here from our house. We are so blessed. I finally took one of your shirts. I love the colours. I also love your new style of dying them.  Since I was around in the 1960’s I like something different. Thank you, Donna”……………….hey Donna. Glad to see we could help out with a little time travel for you. Enjoy the shirt and say hello if you see me on the trails……………………TDG

TDG  is tired but promises yo blog some more tomorrow including three very interesting fellows who we met  and had a terrific chat with.

Chapter 26a And still no rain

Who is going  to believe it.. The west coast is turning into Arizona right before our eyes. Start planting cactus and palm trees.. Pretty soon we’ll have water restrictions on bathing. Then watch out

This episode of the tie dye chronicales  begins with a note from Leslie who says:  Thank you for the the shirt. What a great  idea and a clourflul way  too ad d fun to the day.  I spent the day making meals an and deserts for a  great family who has one family member battling cancer . I brought the dog for a quick walk and found your shirt so I will add it to the care package  I am taking to my friends now.. Thank you. signed Leslie……….”………………….That’s a beautiful. thing Leslie. I hope  the short puts. Smile  on your friends  face. All good thoughts and prYers go out to you…………TDG


Chapter 25a Mid August update

Owl at Shaugnessy
Owl at Shaugnessy

Whats been going down at the Tie Dye T-shirt Project site these days?  We haven’t seen any bears lately but we have seen lots of  aerial ballets put on by the local herons. We’ve also seen lots of the Owls who continue to look mysterious and magnificent. Here’s a real beauty   we saw yesterday. We haven’t seen the Beavers at all but take heart, one of our fellow trail walkers reports in that she has seen a beaver and  with a baby in tow no less. Great news! Plants and trees continue to die from lack of water. This is very depressing to see and we can only hope we have some significant amount of rain soon..

All this hot weather has not deterred folks from visiting the Tie Dye site. Some of the most recent notes have been from:

Lets start with Yvonne and Mike, a very nice twosome who we met at the site. Two nicer folks you won’t meet on the trail. Go talk to them, you’ll like it


W e dropped off a shirt for Mike at the site and he was

EeredddrddffffffWW a couple days later. This was the first time we had met Yvonne and she said ” What a great idea! Thanks for the beautiful shirt. It was great meeting you, Jay and Cathy and having a nice chat. I will definitely  pay it forward.”……………………..,,………..And it as great to meet you Md Mike. See you on the trails. TDG

And we also heard ” Thanks for the tie dye shirt. It’s beautiful,  and so is what you do. I am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan visiting  my niece.  She took me for walks in the forest and today we end up here.  Perfect timing as I leave tomorrow  to go home and will tell my story of your shirt. With my kids and grand kids. Thank you Debbie K. You make people smile  by being you!  ………………………Great to see Tie Dye Guys shirts are on the road. Hope they like them in Saskatoon……………………………TDG

We also received the following:  Road my horse for a drink of water and found a shirt thank you, Allison…………so that’s why the bears aren’t around.

But that wasn’t all. We also received the following:  ” Thanks TDG, I’m taking this beautiful shirt to my son to take yo university in the. U.S. Signed  Alexandra””……………………… are welcome. Good luck to your son in his endeavours in the states……..that’s it for now. Pray for rain and keep smilin’.          TDG.


Oops one more note from Mercedes who said “Thanks so much for thetie dye shirt. My dad and I used to walk here all the time. I’d find only shirts that were too small. This one will fit great. What you’re doing is wonderful. Signed  Mercedes.

Happy to hear you found a shirt that fit and also got to  have quality time with your dad. …………………TDGTDG relaxes at the Tie Dye T-Shirt Project

Chapter 24a where’s all the wildlife

Another  nice day here in paradise known as the lower mainland. Out on the trails, lately we have not seen much in the way of owls, beavers, herons , bears, ducks or any other type of wildlife. They must be hiding from all  the heat and sun. Hopefully they’ll come back out to play as it is much more fun to go for a walk when they are around. Speaking of fun…….

However, there have been folks at the Tie  Dye T-shirt Project site. Here is what they wrote:

Anononomous:            “Thank you so much for this beautiful t-shirt. You’re really talented and this is such a wonderful gesture.”…….Thanks for the compliment  Anononomous. Pass the love along and make somebody smile…………………TDG

And from three nice kids we met at the site, who said: “Thank you so much for the great little adventure (to find the Tie Dye  t-shirt Project site) So happy you came into the Port Moody Liquor Store and told me all about it. Thanks, Taylor, (Liquor store employee) Gina, and Conner. Oh, and the puppy pals, GingerPepper, and Ryder. Pay it forward ! ”  …………………..We are sure happy that you found your way to the site. It was great to meet you……………….TDG.      (and here they are. )

Kids and dogs on a mission
Kids and dogs on a mission

Now that’s a lot of fun!





Some very nice folks there. Hopefully we will meet again on the trails (or at the liquor store)

Chapter 23a Must be Augusty

At the siteWil  we ever see any decent rain again?  Eg ads, you walk the trails and great big branches are falling from the tree tops as they dry out from no water. I can’t believe we are not at maximum (stage 4) water restrictions yet. You walk around the neighbourhood and see these lush green lawns and wonder, what can these people be thinking.  The hot weather has not kept people away from the Tie Dye T-shirt Project though. Some of our recent visitors had the following to say:

As per  Anonymous……”Thanks for the shirt.  So beautiful. Great job.. Love it!  You great and fun and make my day. God bless you”.❤️……………Thanks for the blessing  (whoever you are). We really do appreciate it.     ………..TDG”

We also had a repeat visit from Riley who noted: “four ladies on horseback today! Wahoo!”…………………..that’s a very rare sighting indeed. I saw that the horses had left their calling card. Watch your step!……………….?TDG

Sarah  said  ❤️This idea!  @sarah independentstylist  Instagram…………… I don’t know anything about instagram but glad you stopped in)………………………TDG

Now we have Daniela who said “Hello there! Thank you so much for the t-shirt!  It’s beautiful! You made me smile! I enjoy sitting here. Keep up the good work.” Daniela………………….Is this Daniela of Dan and Daniela who we met on  at the site?  If so, it was  very nice  to meet you………and now  if you can just keep passing that smile along, it will be exactly what the Tie Dye T-shirt Project is all about. Let’s all try to keep the love going!……………………………TDG

Here’s a good one  “Awesome. My 91 year old mother is visiting from Ottawa. She loves the shirt. Thanks so much. Made our day. Will be a great keepsake from her B.C. Visit…….Thanks Marty and  Maarion……………………..Thank you M  and M.  Tie dye shirts are definitely for all ages. Happy to hear your mom liked it………………….TDG

And to finish off this chapter of the blog we. again we hear from Riley and friend “Saw a small, beige coloured animal swimming under watering the pond by the  parking lot…..What you may have seen. Is a river otter there are a few of them around” Maybe not but its my best guess. Thanks for calling in…………..TDG

Chapter 22a Say goodbye to July

Great blue heronYes July is just about done and it is going out not like a lion but like a blast furnace. The incredible string of hot and no rain continues unabated. The forest is taking a real beat down which is sad to see. However, out to see the forest we do go and provide what encouragement we can. Up at the Tie Dye T-shirt Project site, it looks like we have had a few visitors. :

“I got a t-shirt and I love it!”      Signed Ava

We love that you love it. Have fun!…………….TGG

And then………………..”What an awesome surprise and great idea. Nice to know there are people like you out there!  Thanks for the shirt. Keep up the great work! XX”  Signed.      Hannah.   (With a drawing of a little kitty)…………………………..Thank you Hannah. Nice to see you like cats!         TDG

And this one………………….”This is so cute. OMG.  Thanks……………..Jill ??………………………….Totally welcome.                 TDG

Cathy and I also met. A very nice couple indeed.  Dan and Daniella chatted for quite a while and we found out they lived right there in River Springs and have two girls who loved to go jogging in their Tie Dye Guy Tees.  That’s  what we like to see is more tie dye shirts on the trails. Pick  one up at your neighbourhood  the die guy. Saw a nice get on Herus and do a nice 360 fight over our  very beautiful dislplay

Stay cool!………………………………………..TDG.

Chapter 21a. Did you see that?

Out on the trails as usual we came upon a very unusual sighting, a very nice young woman and her horse Risk. We had a nice chat and got to meet Risk (who is gorgeous by the way) We never got the young ladies name but she was fun to meet and we advised her to check out the Tie Dye T-shirt Project site and then we went our seaparate ways. Apparently she found the site and left the following note:

Thank you so much for the shirt. Me and my horse. Risk will enjoy it . Signed Kiki (Crisskk………………………….Hey Kiki, what a,wonderful thing it was to meet you and Risk. She is the first ever horse to be in the project and she is beautiful. Thanks for participating……………TDG

Then the next day we had another visitor who goes by the moniker.     -M- who said this:  Thanks TDG. What a wonderful experience. Cool to find. A smile definitely…………..Pass this smile around, M. Thanks for being part of the project”………………TDG

Thats it for today. Remember  to keep smilin’ TDG



Chapter 20a. A fine night on the trails

Yes indeed there was magic out on the trails last night. It started with a nice viewing of a heron. They are so magnificent. This soon blossomed into two herons which I presumed to be mates. Ah, but two  won’t do. Along comes a third who parks himself with the other two  and then they proceeded to hang out with us for most of our walk. They did a couple of nice flybys very close which was a thrill  to see . Not to be outdone, two beautiful  Kingfishers arrive on the scene and proceed to put on a stunning aerial  display accompanying themselves with their chittering song. It was wonderful to watch . To top it all off we saw a river otter swimming about the beaver lodge. Yes it was a fine walk indeed

And, lest we forget. We also  had a visitor to th site which was: Hope (6) and Mama-Nic. “We sat and watched for a beaver while our dogs investigated the smells along the trail. Thank you for the                           t-shirt”‘…………………………..You’re welcome, Hope. Thanks for stopping by, TDG

The very next day wa pretty cool as well.  We had a couple of visitors to the site who had this to say: “Thank you so much for the t-shirt. They are beautiful. I just saw a bear. Have a great day. Jessica”. …………………….Thanks for bringing some bear Karma to the site. Awesome!            TDG,

And then :    “Saw a sight on the trail  that we’ve never seen before, near the beaver pond. Not a rare sight, just unusual.  I know that the reason the trails       are hear is because this used to be the location of the equestrian riding trails. Well today saw a lady riding her horse!!! On the trails !! Nice to see and it would be great to see them out here more often.  Have a great day. Riley and Sean”.    ……………..Interesting stuff Riley. Thanks for that bit of history and thanks for  participating in  The Tie Dye T-shirt Project. TGD

Before the day was out, someone left a few t-shirts to be dyed and  sent out. unfortunately they are polyester fabric which you can not dye  Thanks for the  thougt……………TDG

We had one more visitor who had this to say:

” I think if everyone did something as nice as you have, the world will be a better place. Thank you for what you’re doing.  Left the t-shirt for somebody else who might really  need a shirt .” Signed Ron

Well Ron, thanks for the compliment. We might not be saving the world but we’re  bringing out lots of smiles and that’s a good thing. Thanks for the good thoughts..

Great blue heron